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About The YouTube Lab

Is this course right for you?

When I first started on my YouTube journey there was a *massive* learning curve that I went through. At the time, there wasn't an all-inclusive course I could take that would help me get right to creating high-quality videos. 

Instead, I spent countless hours scouring the internet and trying to find the answers I needed. This led to all kinds of conflicting information and trial and error.

Fast forward 3 years, and I have now figured out all the hacks to best grow and reach my audience and generate views. Keep in mind, this is after creating almost 200 videos - it definitely didn't happen overnight! But here's the thing: it's worth it. Why? Because of the creative and financial stability it can bring.


Believe it or not, I'm able to pay all my bills from revenue brought in from my videos

I'll be honest, 2/3 of my regular gigs vanishing this past year, and I don't know how I would have survived without this revenue source I built for myself. It broke my heart to see so many musicians struggle as work dried up amidst unprecedented times. And look, I get it, trying to create a second revenue stream can seem incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to the many technical hurdles associated with video creation.

That's why I created The YouTube Lab: Video Creation for Musicians. This course was built around the material I used to teach as a guest lecturer at some of the top Conservatories and Universities. The one thing music students always wanted to ask about was "how do I make videos" or "how do I do what you do". I quickly realized there was no easy way to answer this in a short period of time, and decided to put everything I know in one easy to digest place.  This all-inclusive course is a labor of love for me, and one that I so wish I had available to me early on. 


I've poured everything I know about video creation and how to be successful on YouTube into this course to help you jump to the front of the line and save you the frustration, hassle, and time I had to experience when starting out. 

Feel free to contact me below if you have any questions!

Course Preview

So what am I going to learn?

Launching a YouTube Channel and creating top-notch content can seem daunting, but I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be!

Let's kick down those barriers together as I take you behind the scenes of how to gear up, shoot, and upload, with plenty of tricks and hidden features in between.

Gina Luciani The YouTube Lab
Gina Luciani The YouTube Lab
Gina Luciani The YouTube Lab
Gina Luciani The YouTube Lab

Class Bonuses

Downloadable files to make your life easier!

I have created a bunch of downloadable PDF's and templates to help you even further with your video creation journey! As soon as you sign up for The YouTube Lab, you will be able to download and modify all of these assets. 


  • Channel Art Template: Make sure that your channel art fits every device that your YouTube Channel is viewed on.

  • End Screen Template: Grab my 4 unique end screen templates that you can customize to make your channel stand out.

  • Folder Organization Template: If you’re serious about your YouTube Channel, you’ll end up making many videos. Use this template to ensure that everything stays organized right from the beginning. 

  • Getting Started on YouTube Worksheet: Before you shoot any videos, fill out this worksheet to make sure you think of everything and don’t leave anything out. 

  • Ready To Shoot Checklist: Go through this checklist right before you start shooting your videos to make sure you are indeed ready to roll!

  • Now That You’re Done Checklist: This checklist is key once you wrap up shooting your videos to make sure you don’t lose any important footage. 

  • YouTube Descriptions Template: Automate your YouTube descriptions by customizing this template that you can paste on every video you upload. Understanding what to include in each description is key to helping you reach your desired audience. 

  • Gear List: This list includes all of the gear (with links) I use, as well as other common gear used by video creators.

Gina Luciani The YouTube Lab

What Can You Expect

After Completion?

Check Mark.png

High-Quality Videos

Up your video quality game and impress all of your viewers

Check Mark.png

Learn the Basics

Gain clarity on how to get started and the perfect way to reach your audience

Check Mark.png

Get the Right Gear

Find the best gear for your needs that won't break the bank

Check Mark.png

Game-Changing Video Elements

Video Elements is the YouTube hack that will sky-rocket your channel growth

Check Mark.png

Create Your Vision

Stay consistent with your branding that will be attractive to your audience

Check Mark.png

Don't Miss A Thing

Grab my proven checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked while shooting your videos

Check Mark.png

Editing Secrets

Learn all of my editing secrets and keep your footage organized (you'll thank me later!)

Check Mark.png

Optimize Your Videos

Find out the best way to upload your videos to YouTube to optimize them for success

Check Mark.png

Insider Secrets

YouTube's Creator Academy secrets only offered to Creators with 10k + subscribers

Check Mark.png

YouTube Studio Deep-Dive

I share my screen to walk you through the YT Studio showing the most valuable tools

Check Mark.png

All of My Tips & Tricks

My personal tips and tricks that I’ve found after creating almost 200 videos for YouTube 

Check Mark.png

Monetize Your Videos

Find all of the ways to monetize your videos and gain the most $$$ possible

The Nitty Gritty

Commonly asked questions

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course? 

The entire course can be completed over a weekend, but you'll want to carve out a lot more time to work on each lesson as you develop your own content. I’d highly suggest going through each handout along with the slides to make sure you get the most out of the course! 

How Long Will I Have Access To The Class?

You will have access to this class forever. I will also continue to update the course when there are changes made to YouTube which you’ll get to utilize. 


How Much Does It Cost? 

You can pay all at once (this is a better deal) or in 4 monthly payments

4 Month Plan

$297/ Month 

$197/ Month

One time payment



These discounted rates will only last for a limited time!

*The cost of this course is non-refundable


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

This entire course is broken down into 8 parts, aka: modules. Within each module, there are multiple videos walking you through specific concepts within the larger topic. Here is what is included in each:

Module 1

Essential Gear To Get You Started

  • Different cameras based on your needs

  • Camera accessories that every creator will want

  • Lighting to make your videos look top-notch

  • Microphones to get the best quality audio for your videos (especially key for musicians!)

Module 5

The Best Way To Upload Your Videos to YouTube

  • The importance of your video title and thumbnail

  • Creating a video description that converts to views

  • How to get the most $$ from monetizing your videos 

  • Walk-through of the "Ad Suitability" page

  • How to add video elements

Module 2

Shooting Your Videos

  • How to create a plan of action

  • Walk-through of my "Ready To Shoot Checklist"

  • Walk-through of my "Now That You're Done Checklist"

  • Behind the Scenes look at my shooting setup

Module 6

Introduction to the YouTube Studio

  • How to edit and customize your channel art

  • How to modify existing videos

  • How to create and optimize playlists

  • How to use analytics to get to know your audience and create better performing content

  • How to automate many YouTube settings and save time

Module 3

Essential Video Elements

  • Intro titles every video needs

  • Background music that is free and won't get your videos taken down

  • Sound effects to enhance every video

  • Graphic overlays to bring your videos to the next level

Module 7

Grow Your YouTube Channel

  • Create a game plan for your YouTube channel

  • How to reach your desired audience

  • How to keep up your posting schedule

  • YouTube tips & tricks

Module 4

Editing Your Videos

  • Editing software options

  • How to organize your footage to save you time

  • Video Editing Basics no matter your editing software

  • Video Transitions and Sound Effects to use

Module 8

Monetizing Your Videos

  • How to qualify for video monetization on YouTube

  • How to sell merch, physical products, and digital products

  • How to get sponsored videos

  • How to gain affiliate revenue

  • View my revenue flow chart

See You In The YouTube Lab

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