2018 Holiday Gift Guide For Flutists

Are you a flutist trying to put together your wishlist or are you shopping for a flutist? Then this is the perfect gift guide for you! These are all products and companies that I personally use and have vetted. I have a bunch of coupon codes too so happy shopping!

Flute Center of New York

Are you looking for a new flute (or piccolo/alto/bass)? Then look no further than the FCNY. I love that they have all types of flutes at their shop and can help you find the perfect flute FOR YOU!

Coupon: Use "Gina" for: extended trial, extended warranty, and free shipping!

Special through Dec. 31:

Use "GinaJupiter"/"Gina/Azumi" for $100 off Jupiters and $125 off Azumis.


Looking for sheet music of your favorite TV and Film tunes to play on flute? I have over 40 arrangements available on MusicNotes for flute solo, flute ensemble and mixed flute ensemble! Also, MusicNotes has pretty much any other music you can think of available on their site. I love that you can purchase your music and then immediately print it out - no waiting for it to come in the mail. I cannot tell you how many times MusicNotes has saved me for gigs that ask for specific music last minute!

Starting at $4.99


AirTurn Duo

The Airturn Duo is such a life-saver for practicing and gigging. The pedals allow you to turn the page without touching the screen. The best thing is they are silent and very small and light to carry around!​​