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2018 Holiday Gift Guide For Flutists

Are you a flutist trying to put together your wishlist or are you shopping for a flutist? Then this is the perfect gift guide for you! These are all products and companies that I personally use and have vetted. I have a bunch of coupon codes too so happy shopping!


Are you looking for a new flute (or piccolo/alto/bass)? Then look no further than the FCNY. I love that they have all types of flutes at their shop and can help you find the perfect flute FOR YOU!

Coupon: Use "Gina" for: extended trial, extended warranty, and free shipping!

Special through Dec. 31:

Use "GinaJupiter"/"Gina/Azumi" for $100 off Jupiters and $125 off Azumis.


Looking for sheet music of your favorite TV and Film tunes to play on flute? I have over 40 arrangements available on MusicNotes for flute solo, flute ensemble and mixed flute ensemble! Also, MusicNotes has pretty much any other music you can think of available on their site. I love that you can purchase your music and then immediately print it out - no waiting for it to come in the mail. I cannot tell you how many times MusicNotes has saved me for gigs that ask for specific music last minute!

Starting at $4.99



The Airturn Duo is such a life-saver for practicing and gigging. The pedals allow you to turn the page without touching the screen. The best thing is they are silent and very small and light to carry around!​​

Coupon: Use "Gina" on all orders to receive 10% off!

$99 (before discount)


High Sprits Flutes makes the BEST Native Flutes that I have ever found. The craftsmanship is exquisite and their sound is unmatched. These flutes are pick and improvise gorgeous melodies.

Coupon: Use "Gina" on all orders to receive free shipping & they are also having 25% off site wide through 1/2/19

Starting at $51.75(before discount)


Looking to add some color to your instrument case? I co-designed this bright cleaning cloth. Always make sure that you are using a microfiber cloth to polish your instrument so that you don't scratch it! This is also the best way to keep it clean and shiny :) These cloths can also be used for your computer or glasses.




Do you hate "flute chin" as much as I do? The Willows Invisible Lip Guard is the only thing I've found that prevents it. Australia's Flute Tree carries this awesome product!



Glow With Music is my brand new company I launched to promote positivity through music! I currently have this bright and colorful t-shirt as well as stickers and a lanyard. Join the Glow Squad and May Your Day Glow!

Starting at $5


For those of you with little ones, this music subscription box is absolutely perfect. They are two different boxes: The Hummingbird for newborns to 2 yrs & The Woodpecker for 3-6 yrs. There is no better way to introduce your child to music than with a Songbird Kids which comes with an instrument, book, songs and more with each box.

$45 for an annual subscription

(4 boxes)


Not only are these flutes beautiful, they also have an incredibly beautiful sound. They are offered in many keys and designs. Also, you are able to choose between their piccolos and flutes.

Coupon: Use "Gina" on all orders to receive free domestic shipping (and $7.99 off international orders)

Starting at $59



After trying every lip product there is, I finally found one that works. ChopSaver uses all natural ingredients.

Coupon: Use "Gina" for 20% off your order

Starting at $4.95 (before discount)


STL Ocarina has ocarinas that are for everyone from beginners to advanced players. They have many beautiful designs with their own unique sound!

Coupon: Use "gina10" on all orders to receive 10% off your purchase

Starting at $8 (before discount)


This mic makes the audio on my Instagram videos so much better! I also love that they have a small carrying case for on the go.



I've always been terrified of leaving my expensive instruments somewhere when I'm going to and from gigs. Tile is amazing. Although it was originally made to help you find your keys, you can put one of these in your instrument case to help you locate it (if God forbid) you loose your instrument.

Starting at $34.95

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